Marketing & Communications For High Growth Technology Businesses

We help start ups and fast-growth businesses grow using marketing and communications. 

What Do You Need To Do To Grow?

Stand Out In The Market

You need to get on the radar of people who matter. Investors, new talent, media, analysts and customers. We’ll get you on their radar in a crowded market.

Drive your pipeline

People can’t buy from you unless they know who you are. We’ll help you fuel your sales and marketing pipeline to build customer awareness and demand.

Build trust and credibility

Trust and credibility are key to opening the doors of sales meetings, closing funding rounds and securing new opportunities.

Book a free call

We offer all start-ups and fast growth businesses a  free 30 minute call. Explain your challenges and get some free advice from our team.

Support Throughout Your Business  Lifecycle

Positioning & Messaging

We’ll help you figure out the market, competitor and customer analysis, and how to position for success. We get to grips with how to reach your audience, the challenges they face, and understand what to say to connect.

Launches and Funding

We can help you launch your start-up, get a new product into the market, seek a funding round or build momentum from a successful closing.


Founder Profiling

There’s a clear link between founder visibility and trust. We’ll help you can turbo-charge your growth by using your executives as a key part of your communications strategy.

Sharing Disruptive Ideas

As your disruptive technology takes off, you know that to move beyond concepts and into commercialisation you need to start building a wider user base. We’ll help you position these ideas correctly, overcome trust, market and expectation challenges.

Long Term Momentum

We’re able to provide ongoing and long-term support to help you overcome all the challenges of building and marketing a start-up. Whether that’s entering a new market, pivoting your proposition, or building market demand.

Exits, M&A, Leadership Changes and beyond

As you grow there are inevitable changes in how your business runs and who runs it. We’ll help you keep market confidence as you navigate those changes.

Three Things That Make Us Different

Results & Performance Focussed

We work in the most agile way we can. We focus on getting you results that make a difference, moving as quickly as your business does and keeping our infrastructure light.

Market & Technical Knowledge

We love to get into the technical details, economic drivers and they trends driving your market. That understanding means we can get the right message across to your audiences.

Specialist Network

We’ve spent a decade understanding the technology and business ecosystem. Along with our own team, we can tap into a large network of consultants and freelancers to help you meet specific challenges.