The Story

Stretton Communications was founded because the current agency model doesn’t work for start-ups or high growth businesses. It also means we get to work with entrepreneurs, tech experts and people on the cutting edge of innovation and change. We love hearing about new technologies, business models and ideas.


The Structure 

We’re a network of specialists. Some of our team work full time, others part-time, and some only when we need their expertise. Taking this approach to our structure means we’re agile enough to deliver each client a specific set of services.



The Why 

The world is full of great business ideas, from companies who do the best for their clients to those working on truly disruptive change. We want to tell your story to the world, so that you can grow, innovate, and make your plans a reality.



The Experience 

We understand the market, we understand the technology, and we want to understand your business. We’ve worked with clients across big enterprise technology companies, cybersecurity leaders, automotive manufacturers, Kubernetes platforms, FinTech services, the pharmaceutical sector and many, many more.


Three Things That Make Us Different

Results & Performance Focussed

We work in the most agile way we can. We focus on getting you results that make a difference, moving as quickly as your business does and keeping our infrastructure light.

Market & Technical Knowledge

We love to get into the technical details, economic drivers and they trends driving your market. That understanding means we can get the right message across to your audiences.

Specialist Network

We’ve spent a decade understanding the technology and business ecosystem. Along with our own team, we can tap into a large network of consultants and freelancers to help you meet specific challenges.