Case Study: AI Shepherds 

AI Shepherds is a Munich based consultancy and development firm, which guides companies to implement AI within their organisations.

They provide a range of products and services to guide companies in expanding their digital capabilities, to create intelligent experiences that allow them to have a positive and conscious impact on society and on people’s lives. 

Company: AI Shepherds
HQ location: Munich
Stage: Pre-seed
Industry: AI, development
Scope: 3 month programme

The challenge: As a startup, AI Shepherds knew it needed to get its marketing strategy in place. Ensuring a systematic, process driven and strategic marketing foundation was the primary challenge.

The solution: AI Shepherds engaged Stretton Communications for a 12-week marketing starter programme, covering everything needed to put a solid marketing strategy in place. This included brand values development, funnel and pipeline development, through to a six month activation programme. 

The results: “We are much more confident in our approach to the market having worked with Stretton Communications, and you can already see the results with our six month marketing plan and our content programme already underway. We are actively looking to engage Stretton Communications in other areas of our marketing going forwards.”

As a startup, the marketing we do today will be crucial to shaping the outcome of our business in the long term. Working with Stretton Communications has allowed us to ensure that we have a solid marketing foundation, we better understand our target audience, the values of our brand and how to fuel our marketing and sales pipeline. I’d recommend them to other founders looking to supercharge their business with marketing and communications

Albert Pujol

Co-founder, AI Shepherds