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 Our reports help you dig into the issues facing marketing teams, PR & Comms teams, and founders in the technology industry.

Executive Profiling: A Framework For Marketing & Comms Teams

Is your marketing or comms team looking to launch an executive profiling programme or scale up your activity this year? Download our framework and best practice guide for tech companies.

Technology Industry – 2021 Review & 2022 Outlook

Our Tech In Review: 21 -22 report covers the key trends and emerging issues from 2021, and the outlook for the sector in 2022.

Navigating Tech Marketing In 2022

Our guide helps you understand the context for tech marketing in 2022 and plan the steps and strategies you need to take to mitigate the challenges and maximise opportunities.

Navigating Tech PR & Comms In 2022

PR and communications is more important than ever, guiding tech leaders through an increasingly complicated landscape. Our guide gets you and your strategy ahead of the market.

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