Six Month Starter Programme

Our six month PR starter programme a structured plan for B2B brands experimenting with ongoing PR for the first time.

The priority is getting you results, without compromising your long-term positioning. It balances immediate activity with strategic planning – getting the best foundations in place for your public relations programme going forwards.

A consistent PR program raises awareness of your business with the media. Second, it provides trust and credibility, pushing your brand beyond just talking about yourself and instead getting others to do that for you. But the real power is the business outcomes associated with that. Trust and awareness drive the sales, funding and partnerships. We’ll help you integrate PR into your entire marketing campaign in order to maximise ROI.

Getting activity moving needs to be the priority, but it’s vital that activity takes us in the right direction. Prioritising our outreach, and giving them the right stories will help us get the programme moving and delivering results. That sets a foundation for bigger stories down the road, when we have a receptive press who know the brand.

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